Thought of Somewhere Else (9x12) mixed media collage

In My Head III (9x12) mixed media collage 

Serenade (11x17) mixed media collage 

Entering (9x12) collage 

Anatomy I (11x17) Collage 

Sleep Music 11x14 collage

These Moments Float Away 22x26 Collage 

Leaving 11X17 Collage

Cat 11x17 Collage 

Love Song 12x18 Collage

The Forest 24x36 Oil on Wood Panel

24x48 Convergence Oil on ~wood panel

24x26 Hunger Oil on Paper

Landscape 9x11 Collage

So Many Things Happen 24x48 Oil on Wood Panel

The Future 9x12 Collage on Book Cover

She Tears Away 9x12 Collage on Book Cover

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