Writing Sample (Parts)


beyond the haphazard paint beyond the dented door a metallic holler of a train lacerates the distance between public and private an ear like radar holds the buzz sawnoise choi ragainst a soft kingdom of a lost king the dog barking illustrates a feral vocabulary futile syllables repeating alanguage more elegant than the one coming to mind there is an automatic reverb in every shadow on the concrete the new rhythm of a fresh train seismically lumbersthrough sizzling traffic cooking palm fronds another opening window everyone going somewhere assembling a momentous volume working the mass scaffolding of an urban soundnessinto every orifice a sonic entry for aural dimensions

A FEW Published POEMS (2005-2014)

replace in us what has been lost (dream)

inside of you a thousand words silenced

to become bodies in sleep.

only a paragraph

only a long arm

or aging face can be heard.

would you want to hear more?

a rusty hearing trumpet, a scratchy

microphoned voice, we fail and become part of the world,

then white fur appears in the living room.

what do I dowith you?

tasting like soil,

disintegrating lengthwise,

revealing bone structures of your newly webbed hand.

kissing in cinematic episodes

falling downstairs like dust.

you prick mewith horns

you hand mea cloud.

apples wakeup

and behind all skin is a song.

this is something you've

taken astruth.

we asunderout the door,

where ayellow car

remembersyour black torso.

a note

this woundedred room.

the poor spanish quality of the bed.

my dead stuffed throat, silent.

i can’ts wallow you.

in spite ofthis,

i throw my chest onto your chest.

yes, love is a rocket

and not a mule.

this is the first time, in a long time,

that i can hear a dance in your rickety old heart.

i take your spiny hand

and name youmy love.

hastily wemove

towards thebeginning,

happy to forget that we

already found the end of us.

birth is given (pre-language)

it is there, on the edge of the world, that paradise begins.


a sleepwalker

flush with sound

coalesces amongst

torrential veins while

birth is give nto things

with wings bodies 

broiled and fused

at the small bottom of thin lips

together at thick hips where a child will come

to rest, clamped at chromatic knees an arthritic axis for dancing.

rewinding glass becomes sand

books areonly tongues

and there isno matter.

joy is anopen pore

filled by edible bone.

you slap mewith

the backbone of a theatre.

we may act or evaporate altogether.



three chords


duration: four minutes


one chord (repeat)

forgotten motherdrifts

at sea moon beams

duration: one minute




two other voices :wrap around one another : familiar to one another

duration: one minute


one voice

born amongst shadowscold liquid that is harmful unrelenting

(duration : three minutes)


a number of voices

a busy hive

the force is bound : dying soon

a queen : oneric

the swarm


there is intention

A NEW TEXT (Half-Sketches of Hunger) 


you starving broken object making your hands into fresh fetishes working sharp bones into tools for furious sex we monsters drip thick seas of fertile wet galaxies onto one another this sex a moist textile sopping in guitar notes full of sweet fluids spelling out penetrations throbbing torsos pushing us to punch through the hesitations built from the tines of a devouring sickness oh what music we could play in this white room as thumping mogwais we disregard  the great glass bottom of hunger at the end of us which we both see and with this revised vast narcotic screaming slapping flesh onto an obvious harvest of sexual  explosions in the filthy bed revealing at the core of adoration a burning casting eye on top of our nests as the moon whittles gray dice to determine what our lives become as we touch becoming half-sketches of hunger and we repeat these blazing nights until we are spentand exiting back to the beginning

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